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The 15th Busan International Performing Arts Festival 2018.5.18.(Fri)~5.27.(Sun)



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A workshop where you can experience backstage works of ‘actors’!

Busan International Performing Arts Festival Workshop is a participating program where participants can take part in a teamwork with famous artists and present the outcome from the program.
The subject of this year’s workshop is ‘Dreaming actor, imaginative movements’.n a process of an actor becomes one of the characters in a story, ‘imagination’ plays a major factor. Not only for the discussion and analysis step, imagination takes a key role in the creation of the character especially when the actors actually has to move their bodies for the expression. As participating in the process of actualizing the abstract text with the body movements of actors, participants go through a process of creation, discussion and performance and they can actually apply the process when they have performances. This will be a great opportunity for deeper study of actor’s works behind the stage.

  • TitleThe 15th Busan International Performing Arts Festival Workshop
  • Date & TimeMay 21st (Mon) ~ 25th (Fri)
    ※ Venue and time will be decided when the participating organization is selected
  • Participation qualificationOrganization that is registered in Busan Theater Association, Organization that wants to improve their work through the workshop experience
  • PresentationOn May 26th (Sat), 2018 8 pm(expected time). Outdoor stage at Gwangalli Beach.
Introduction of lecturers
Jakub Margosiak
(Representative of Living Space Theater(Poland) / Actor)
  • All the work of Jakub, who is an actor representative of Living Space Theater, is based on the actor’s ‘imagination’. Graduated Acting department and Dance theater department in PWST National Academy in Poland, and completed Immersion Course in Michael Chekhov School in New York. He is one of the members of International Dance Committee.
Grzegorz Łabuda
(Actor / Choreographer / Cofounder of Living Space Theater)
  • Graduated Dance Theater department of PWST National Academy in Poland. Finalist in international choreography competition in 2013. He’s a very active artist who gave lectures at Dance Symposium during International Theater Institute World Congress in Spain, and has worked as actor and dancer with famous foreign artists.
Subject Dreaming actors, imaginative movements
Contents relaxation and breathing / singing and vocalization / analysis of movement qualities /
analysis of emotions Magic If (related with Stanislavsky’s system) / Improvisation

※ The contents of the workshop are subject to change in accordance to circumstances.
※ This program is basically conducted in English, and the operating and interpreting staff will work together to ensure smooth progress.

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