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The 15th Busan International Performing Arts Festival 2018.5.18.(Fri)~5.27.(Sun)


Ticket Guide

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Ticket Price
Ticket price by performance
Performance Invitational
Congratulatory Performance
(Grand Prize of the 36th Busan Theater Festival)
Price 1st floor 25,000won
2nd and 3rd floor 20,000won
10,000won 1st floor 25,000won
2nd and 3rd floor 20,000won

※ 10 minutes Open Plays(Busan Art Center Theater) and Dynamic Street(Street theater contest, Gwangalli Beach area) are free of admission.
※ We do not sell tickets for May 26th (Sat) 14:00 ‘Othello Nigredo (Barrier-free performance)’

Discounts and Ticket Events
Discounts and Ticket Events
Type Subject (Double discount is not applied) Discount(30%)
National meritorious Person of national merit (the eligible person only))
  • 25,000won17,000won
  • 20,000won14,000won
  • 10,000won7,000won
Disabled person Person with disability(3rd grade or higher,
including 1 accompanying person)
Group discount When purchasing more than 20 tickets
(Tickets are issued collectively for collective purchase)
Discounts and Ticket Events
Package ticket (Ticket Event) 50% discount when purchasing tickets for 6 performances at once (Only one ticket per performance)
25,000 X 6 = 150,000 75,000won + Two exchange tickets for BIPAF KIDS

※ Package Tickets are only for pre-purchase. Tickets are transferable.

Ticket Reservation
Ticket Reservation
Booking sites Date Ticket sale hours Inquiry and Deposit
Reserve by phone 4.16~5.17 10:00am ~ 18:00pm(Mon~Fri)
Except weekends
  • For inquiry: 010-8661-8003
  • Bank Account: Busan Bank
    (사)부산국제연극제조직위원 서병수
Package ticket reservation 4.16~5.11
Reserve Online 4.16~5.26 Available for 24 hours until the end of reservation date
Refer to the site about the reservation deadline
  • When reserved by phone, seats are assigned in the order of deposit. (Seats for package tickets are also assigned in the order of deposit.)
  • During the festival (May 18th ~ 27th), tickets are available only for on-site and online purchases. On-site purchasing is possible from 1 hour before the performance. (On-site purchases for opening performance on May 18th and closing performance on May 27th are available from 2 hours before the performance.)
Refund Policy

Compensation system according to the guideline of consumer dispute resolution standard from Fair Trade Commission

  • Cancellation within 11 or more days before the performance: Full refund
  • Cancellation within 10 to 7 days before the performance: Refund after 10% deduction
  • Cancellation within 6 to 3 days before the performance: Refund after 20% deduction
  • Cancellation within 2 to 1 day before the performance: Refund after 30% deduction
  • Cancel on the day of performance: Refund after 90% deduction
  • Even if it is within 7 days from reservation, if there are less than 10 days left for the performance, cancellation fee will be imposed for the date. ※ Refund and cancellation are never admitted after the performance begins.
Ticket Receipt
  • Tickets are issued at the site after identification checking.
  • Person with disability or national merit can receive the ticket after showing related ID card. (If not, discounted amount should be paid.)
  • Busan International Performing Arts Festival does not distribute any complimentary tickets.
    (except for opening/closing ceremony invitations and promotional tickets)
  • Late entrances are absolutely not admitted after the performance begins.

  • Busan International Performing Arts Festival Organizing Committee
  • 165,6 ShinchunDaeRo, Busan Jingu, Busan, Korea, 47278 TEL : 051)802-8003 FAX : 051)802-8033 EMAIL :